Project B | Level Design | Level1

Level 1 iterations:

Level 1 will have to teach players the following :

  1. Moving forward
  2. Moving backward
  3. Jump
  4. Double jump
  5. Drops are safe
Level1 Sketch

when sketching level I had all the points above in mind, later on I had to add some things to the level like instructions and a friendly NPC.

level 1 unity

1. at first following the steps of Mario and Sonic, the player is giving a space to experiment with movement. Also the player direction is facing right though the player needs to explore the level by going back and forth to achieve the goal . after few tests I decided to add instructions for the player to make it easy for players new to gaming.

negative space and player main direction
negative space and player main direction


2. teaching the player to jump as explained in a previous blog. I had to add a trigger to show the play what button to use.
level1jump1 pressa_level1

3. double jumping and climbing walls: here players will be giving instruction to keep jumping on the wall to climb it. They will learn double and triple jumping is possible.After climbing the wall, the player will falling a long distance is fine. Also the players learn that moving back and forth is possible

4. Adding a friendly NPC felt like a nice plus to read more about the NPC making Click here. The NPC will give players instructions on how to finish a level .


5. In order to finish the level the player will always have to reach the sign post and activate it.

Sign Post
Sign Post

This is the level after adding assets, the blue background will follow the player.


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