Project B | Level Design | Level2

In level 2 the player will be introduced to destroying boxes which will lead to puzzle solving later on and acquiring their first weapon(prototype will give the play weapon instantly). The players will learn they can use the weapon to destroy barriers. Skills acquired in level 2:

  1. shooting the weapon
  2. Destroying boxes with a weapon
  3. Killing enemies with weapon
  4. learn the out come of each box 
  5. Check points

1.2. When the player starts moving in level 2 they will be giving instructions on how to use the weapon. the first thing the player will shoot is the red box that spawns fire

3. The player will start moving and introduced to the first enemy in the game ( blue enemy).  The player will be on  a platform so the player can see it before running into it.

then the player will be introduce to the next enemy Head Blob.
the player could’ve skipped this before and missed the opportunity to learn they can kill this enemy by jumping on its head, so adding a wall to block skipping it was necessary. level2blobheadv2
in the image below a wall was added in later iterations of testing.

The level will introduce Red Enemy Plants, these enemies are red and integrated more with the environment. They Damage the player if they collide.

Finally the last enemy which is an obstacle is spikes, the spikes forces the player to change routes and creates funneling in game.
the spikes originally had the color pink on them but they had to be changed to a more distinguished color (Images below show the original color before changing them to orange) spikescolorback spikesorginal

5. Check point is not shown in this prototype but the player spawn close to the death point if they die trying to jump on thesis platforms

in game the player will have different routes to take in level2 this is introduced slightly because it is a tutorial level I didn’t want to confuse the players with too many routes.

the red lines show the different possibilities the player can take
the red lines show the different possibilities the player can take


finally a Final Design of the level without assets and with assets :

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