Project B | Level Design | Level3-4-5

in the last 3 levels I introduce another goal to the game which is destroying a certain number of boxes to break a laser barrier to reach the next level sign post.  The player will have constant feedback on how many boxes were destroyed in the HUD . The friendly NPC the player met will inform the player of this goal.

NPC telling you what to do.
HUD that counts how many boxes you need to destroy

Level Design for level 3-4-5

Level 3 is small in size because its a tutorial level, And the sign post is easy to find

Level 4 will ask the player to destroy more boxes. the level have the door at the end of the level.

level 5 the final level in thsi prototype, which is bigger in size.

In level 5 the player will be introduced to many routes, new enemies and more boxes to destroy. Also the level has a secret room which has a golden box which gives the player 20 points as a reward for exploring.


different routes for level 5

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