Project B | Level Design Part 1

The level progression consists of very basic platformer. Every time a new aspect is learned it is combined with skills learned in previous levels. For example, if player leaner to jump, then jump twice then going back and forth.

Level 1

Players will learn the basic movements in the game. Players will not die in the first level or face any enemies. The skills acquired in level 1 are:

  1. Moving forward
  2. Moving backward
  3. Jump
  4. Double jump
  5. Drops are safe



Level 2-3

In level 2 the player will be introduced to puzzle solving and acquiring their first weapon. The players will learn they can use the weapon to destroy barriers. Skills acquired in level 2:

  1. Destroying barriers with a weapon
  2. Long drops are safe
  3. Killing enemies with weapon
  4. Check points

level2-1 level2-2 level2_checkpoints

Level 4 – 5

level 4 and 5 will introduce puzzle solving and the objective of the game. in the previous post box enemy  player learns the out come of destroying each box. in level 4 the player will be introduced that destroying green boxes will give the players points to destroy a door. Players will have to explore and find the green boxes.




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